Meet up in Düsseldorf, Chicago, NYC, Paris

•2011 February 23 • 1 Comment

This time around work and/or pleasure (unbeatable combination) is taking me around. So if you are around one of these locations and want to talk about Ubuntu, Drupal and FLOSS Community development in general and share your experience I would love to meet up. Also if Varnish Cache is something that interests you, well I am sure we there are a thing or two we could discuss.

So to my schedule:

  • February 24th to 27th – Düsseldorf, Germany
  • March 7th to 10th – Chicago, USA (DrupalCon)
  • March 11th to 13th – New York City, USA (Varnish Breakfast Seminar)
  • March 23rd to 24th – Paris, France (Varnish Breakfast Seminar)
  • March 25th to 27th – Düsseldorf, Germany

Leave me a comment, send me an email or contact me through my Launchpad page.

Thank you very much for sharing knowledge about your local community and having some beer/wine with me 🙂


Unity: Makes me want to push the Ubuntu desktop. Once again!

•2011 February 3 • 15 Comments

Well, I will make this one short: I have promoted GNU/Linux since 1997. Since Ubuntu came in the picture I am more and more confident about introducing people to the free software world and offering them a nice experience. The last years I have really just been very satisfied with what I have and not been so keen on promoting it beyond the people that really want to try it. Unity is changing that!

Now I feel our desktop is a better desktop than the competition (***which is Mac OS X and Windows***). I can truly say that Ubuntu as a free software computing platform does everything most people I know need. And additional (proprietary or not) tools that run on Ubuntu as well do the rest.

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 running on Mutter is slow. It works and it’s ok, but it’s a pain (after a while) to run even in my PC (Lenovo X200).

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Mutter)

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Mutter)

Unity 2D is FAST! Really fast! I have not had this feeling about my desktop in at least 3 years. It just flies! And a constant development of the platform is getting me all excited!

Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt) on Dual Screen

Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt) on Dual Screen

Unity 2D Desktop on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt)

As you see from the screenshots, there are some shortcoming in the real life use of the software itself (works like a charm with one screen) which I am sure will be resolved over time. Wayland may even play a role when thinking of these improvements.

I am looking forward to the Alpha 2 testing for Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) with the Unity 3D now being based in Compiz. These are truly exciting times!

With Unity I now *WANT* everyone using the Ubuntu desktop as I believe it brings the best of the free software stack for everyday computer users: Gtk and Qt, Ubuntu’s solid Hardware support, attention from ISVs and it Just works®!

Thank you to everyone for making this happen! 🙂

Testing software: Ubuntu 64-bit, Unity and PlayOnLinux, the new Wine-Doors?

•2011 January 22 • 13 Comments

I have an announcement to make: Today I made the switch to Ubuntu 64-bit.

This should have happened ages ago, I know. Well, to be honest I never had a compelling reason to do the switch until a month or so ago I got the incentive I needed: moving from 2GB to 4GB RAM.

There are lots of myths regarding the 64-bit architecture going around, so I went around asking Ubuntu 64-bit users about these. As things got cleared up (Multimedia codecs work, Java & Flash work, Wine works) I was feeling more and more certain I should switch. My boss entered my office today, helped me with a backup of my system and I threw away my 32-bit Lucid installation and moved to 64-bit Maverick. I can already feel that the system performs better! The only comparable improvement I have had was when I moved to a Flash memory SSD. Gnome and the whole desktop feels now like a breeze!

At the same time I decided to keep myself to the standard Ubuntu packages and try to avoid funky software (PPAs, external repositories, etc) as much as possible to have the most stable system I can have. I miss aptitude, but the Software Center seems to have improved a lot since the last time I tried to use it (Synaptic is just not my cup of tea) and I think i will be using that from now on as this will also allow me to give support to other fellow Ubuntu convertits. Another thing I miss is the Docky mode in Gnome-Do, but what can you do when David Siegel is part of the Unity team?

Which brings me to the next change I have made: Since it’s introduction I have always been a fan of the interface development effort Cannical has put over time in the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR), later called Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) and now that Maverick (Ubuntu 10.10) was released, its new interface for the Ubuntu desktop: Unity.

In my home computer I have closely followed the evolution of the software and since Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) I have tested Unity in my everyday computer (Lenovo X200 laptop I use at work). I am writing this now using Unity and it seems pretty decent. Some responsiveness lack here and there, but all in all it seems to be going in the right direction. I got the news that the Desktop team is even making a 2D Unity variant… That means bye bye to Metacity I guess (Gnome Shell never cut the butter in my breakfast table) and a consistent Desktop for all Ubuntu users, regardless of their graphic card and OpenGL support level.

Unity is a game changer in the Free Desktop world: Gnome and Qt applications in the same desktop, without the bloat the full blown Gnome and KDE desktops bring. I love Qt applications (VLC, Spotify, Skype, Google Earth, Opera, sorry no KDE apps in my little world) and I love Gnome applications (Pidgin, GIMP, Inkscape, Gnome-Do, Rhythmbox, Banshee, Gedit, Shotwell – Yeah Gtk+ and Mono, I know) so having a unified interface where all my applications run smoothly will be great! Adding the fact that my distro comes the underlying libraries the applications need will be awesome! – Ubuntu will be different now from all other distributions. For real! And that is only a good thing.

Unity will make you believe... Eventually.

Unity will make you believe... Eventually.

And lastly, in the spirit of other programming enviroments, toolkits, etc… I wanted to mention something surprising I found in Maverick while installing wine: PlayOnLinux. It has everything a wine user will ever dream of, specially if you are a gamer (I am not, but I still appreciate this fantastic piece of software)

This project reminded me of everything one of the most promising wine projects I know of, Wine-Doors, wanted, dreamed and aspired to be. And it is a reality today! I got up and running with Spotify in no time as I use the Linux Preview normally, but I do also fire up the wine-powered Spotify Free once or twice a week… It’s a long story. Don’t ask.

Play On Linux! Wine for human beings!

Play On Linux! Wine for human beings!

So as Wine-Doors took-off like a rocket that used up its fuel rather quickly, Play On Linux stands as the most compelling piece for Windows software management in the GNU/Linux landscape. I am really annoyed that I didn’t know about this project before today (I like to think that I oversaw it a while ago, because I am not a gamer. but I am not sure this is the case!!??)

Anyway… This week I will be installing Ubuntu in my mother’s (Sony Vaio) and my girlfriend’s (EeePC) Netbooks. Wish me luck and give me some tips if you have any.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone!

A 2010 recap – Enter 2011

•2011 January 4 • 3 Comments

First of all: Happy New Year to everyone!

2010r is over and it’s time to make a little recap of what has happened this year in tech, life, and otherwise.

Being a father and a man!

I have a daughter and I am, as of now at least, a single father living on my own. This last year she started primary school and that has been a great experience! I can truly say that I love being with my daughter and spending quality time with her. This year has been awesome in that regard!

As many parents in my situation (50/50 split) I have a very different life one week at a time. In 2011 I am looking forward to have a more normal life whether I am a father or a single man. Last year I met a fantastic woman that has been a heaven sent gift to my life. I have the feeling that this will be the year in which my two lifes get aligned – And yes I am a Gemini 😉


I work with sales. Sales of Free and Open Source software products and services (yes, still at Varnish Software, the company delivering professional support and consultancy services for your beloved and fast Varnish Cache) – I am very lucky to do what I do and I love my job! This year has been an awesome experience in my professional career and I am looking forward to 2011 – The year of the rabbit! (Yes, the rabbit is the Varnish Cache mascot)

Travelling and CouchSurfing

I was born in Southern Europe, raised in South America and moved to Northern Europe when I was a teenager. I am writing this while on vacation in Spain. Basically, I am used to travel a lot. Really! 2010 has broken any previous travelling records I’ve had. Both work and private journeys here and there have opened up many doors for meeting others working with Free Open Source Software around the world as well as alternative travelling communities such as CouchSurfing. I joined the CouchSurfing project last year and I have been a host, been a guest many times as well and even travelled and met with other CouchSurfers around. I totally recommend the experience. It’s full of amazing and great people and a great door to worlds beyond your own.

2011 will mean a lot of private and work related travelling as well. I am already looking forward to travel to new places, develop more business, experience other cultures and meet new people and see their ways of thinking and living.

FLOSS and the Ubuntu Community

For the coming year I have three goals:

  1. Be sort of a “human bridge” between the Debian and Ubuntu communities. This year I will be active in Ubuntu MarketingSpreadUbuntu, the Norwegian LoCo, FRISK and SkoleLinux/DebianEdu.
  2. Find ways of cross-pollination of ideas, best practices and general collaboration between LoCos and also other FLOSS communities by engaging local advocates into cooperating with others around the world. We stand stronger together.
  3. Work to increase the activity level of the Ubuntu Norwegian team.

2010 has been a great year in my life. I am receiving this new year with great passion and look forward to work with and meet, new and old, engaged and inspiring people this year too.

Thanks for all the fish in 2010. Let’s go get some fish now in 2011!

Yes, we did it: is up now!

•2010 November 6 • 13 Comments

Just want to celebrate and thank everyone (will not name anyone as the list is close to endless) that has made this dream possible!

Go visit and for your community provided marketing material.

Now that the Do-It-Yourself part of the project is completed, we are moving on: Let’s create the Ubuntu Community Marketing Campaign Site now!

Enjoy your weekend! 😉

Freshly backed SpreadUbuntu and +147 Million Ubuntu Torrent Download and Trends (Statistics rock!)

•2010 November 1 • 15 Comments

Face-lifted Spread Ubuntu

Enjoying my position of SpreadUbuntu Cheerleader, here we go: The good old SpreadUbuntu site just got a face lift! Go get burned while it’s still hot!

This will make you believe!

Ubuntu Marketing For Human Beings!

Thanks go to Evan, the man behind the magic. To the Ubuntu Drupal team and especially to Michael. And, last but not least, thanks to Thorsten for the beautiful graphics and the constructive feedback on the site.

Download numbers and trends

To make the fun even greater we have statistics about Ubuntu downloads and trending: 147,395,976 Ubuntu downloads since September 2009!

Torrent Downloads since September 12 2009

Torrent Downloads since September 12 2009 - Yeah baby!

This nice picture is based on an SVG created from the data we have gathered. Go to the site to get the csv and analyze the data by yourself!

Yes, we have been tracking the official Ubuntu torrent tracker downloads and have lots of fun facts to share with you:

  • A new release means a new download peak
  • Ubuntu Download cycles seem to follow the weekly calender
  • The Ubuntu Community seems to love the end of the week for Ubuntu downloads (Most downloads finish on Wed-Sat)
  • Sundays (and sometimes Mondays) can be quite uneventful regarding downloads.
  • First I thought that it is a good thing that we do non-Ubuntu related stuff on Sundays, but then I realized that maybe we are just testing the ISO’s downloaded at the end of the week?
  • Mondays are always busy for everyone… No time to play!

Maybe these numbers finally push Canonical to release data on the amount of Ubuntu downloads from their site?

If you manage to spot other trends? Please share them in the comments 🙂


Now, will we ever get the and domains? As with any project in this community we are trying to appeal to meritocracy (the site is made and has been for the last 2 years)  in order to get recognition (our fuel!)

PD: Mark, our SABDFL, noticed our project this time around! Now, give us more fuel, please! 😉

Ubuntu Norway Release Parties – 10.10.10

•2010 October 10 • Leave a Comment

Congratulations everyone with the release of Ubuntu 10.10 – Maverick Meerkat!

In Norway we teamed up with the and the 10:10 initiative to make our party part of the Global Work Party events (over 7000 all over the world!)



10/10/10 Global Work Party!



Ubuntu Norway Release party poster thanks to SpreadUbuntu!


As part of the activities in Oslo people went for a bike ride first:


Global Work Party - Oslo Bike Ride

Global Work Party - Oslo Bike Ride


And then some landed at the Ubuntu Norway Release party in Humla @ Hausmania:


GWP - Ubuntu Release Party @ Humla

Showing an ARM computer running Ubuntu


Our program in Oslo had this agenda:

  • Is Green IT possible? Sustainability and Ubuntu, GNU/Linux and Open Source Software Ecosystem – Ruben Romero
  • Ubuntu Intro. What’s new on Maverick? – Bjørn Ove Wærås
  • Micromachines – Greener and smarter with the ARM IGEP – Jo-Erlend Schinstad
  • Ubuntu Q&A – Everyone
  • Install Ubuntu from PXE? See how! – Kacper Wysocki

We also held events in Bergen and Trondheim. Information is available as usual in our LoCo directory page.