Precise: 2nd Update

Chatting with friends and old colleagues I thought I would tell you more about my experience with precise. You can read more on that here and the first update here.

Mostly everything works as of today:

  • Skype, Spotify and Dropbox work without any issues
  • Flash and Sun Java still work
  • LibreOffice works after initial glitches. Tested Writer, Calc & Impress and they work quite good and are rather fast. Actually I am starting to like LO more and more for every new release 🙂
  • IBM Lotus Symphony still does not work under Precise. I am too lazy to file bugs on that…
  • Software Manager now works and is A LOT faster than it was on 11.10 (but stil kind of slow)
  • Almost everything on System Settings is now working. Great improvements in the usability section since my original testing in December
  • Multiscreen support is super robust. But I can only had two screens (connected to my dock) and cannot then use my laptop screen (which might be because of my chip or driver limitations.
  • Suspend and Hibernation just work®
There is just one thing that does not work for me this far:
  • PDF Chain is not helping me on my daily splitting/merging with PDFs. This seems to be an issue between PDFChain and PDFtk, but I have not tested since last week. For now I’ve moved to PDFsam which is not as pretty, but it works.
And I would like to give my thought on HUD:
  • Conceptually awesome! I use guake daily and having this for application menues is great
  • Quite useful when you already know what you want: Save for almost any application is a no brainer. But on XChat Save Text.. is the right answer, and that’s what HUD gives you. Neat? 😉
  • Voice recognition is something I would like to tes as I miss to be able to talk to it and make it do what I want.
  • A few times it is annoying when I press Alt unwillingly.

That’s all for now.

~ by huayra on 2012 February 2.

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