Oslo explosion and shooting in Utøya – 2011-07-22

If you are reading this please, do not spread unconfirmed rumors and let the police finish the investigation before you do.

Thanks for condolences and messages that have been sent!

My family and friends are safe, and I wish I could say the same about everyone in Norway, but sadly this is not the case. There is little we know now about what has happened. What we know (as announced by the press conferences in Oslo police district being held every hour) this far is the following:

  • A guy has been arrested at Utøya. No details about him have been communicated. In case you were wondering: he had a blue sweater with a police logo and seems to be Nordic. He is not and has never a police officer.
  • The bomb has damaged the prime minister building and several other buildings around the area.
  • In Oslo we have confirmed 7 people that have passed away. In Utøya between 9 and 10.
  • Police has a hypothesis that the guy they arrested is related to the explosion in Oslo.

-The situation is chaotic in Oslo and its surroundings now. If you are in the city do not go to the center. If you live in the center (like I do) stay at home.  Do not use your mobile phone more than you have too and be there for your family, friends and fellow Oslo-borgere!

Nobody is going to bomb us away from the freedoms we enjoy in this country. No one will push us into fear.

The respect for the integrity of every single human being we have in this very city, in this country, in this continent and in this planet should be enough reason for us to remember that whomever did this cannot and will never take it away from us. Fear will not work with us.

My thoughts are with my fellow citizens, friends, people and those affected, directly and indirectly, by these horrible events in our city.


~ by huayra on 2011 July 22.

2 Responses to “Oslo explosion and shooting in Utøya – 2011-07-22”

  1. Prayers from the rest of the world.

  2. I’m swedish and when I heard this had happened, I was terrified and angry. We had a suicide bomber in Stockholm last december who (luckily) only killed himself. This is however nowhere near the terror that happened in Oslo yesterday. The world has to cooperate against terrorism in any form, be it christians, muslims, political extremists etc. Sweden is your neighbour, Norway. And we will be with you through this ordeal.

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