Meet up in Düsseldorf, Chicago, NYC, Paris

This time around work and/or pleasure (unbeatable combination) is taking me around. So if you are around one of these locations and want to talk about Ubuntu, Drupal and FLOSS Community development in general and share your experience I would love to meet up. Also if Varnish Cache is something that interests you, well I am sure we there are a thing or two we could discuss.

So to my schedule:

  • February 24th to 27th – Düsseldorf, Germany
  • March 7th to 10th – Chicago, USA (DrupalCon)
  • March 11th to 13th – New York City, USA (Varnish Breakfast Seminar)
  • March 23rd to 24th – Paris, France (Varnish Breakfast Seminar)
  • March 25th to 27th – Düsseldorf, Germany

Leave me a comment, send me an email or contact me through my Launchpad page.

Thank you very much for sharing knowledge about your local community and having some beer/wine with me 🙂

~ by huayra on 2011 February 23.

One Response to “Meet up in Düsseldorf, Chicago, NYC, Paris”

  1. on, ask on #debian-nyc to see if anyone in NYC can meet-up for drink and/or keysign.

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