Unity: Makes me want to push the Ubuntu desktop. Once again!

Well, I will make this one short: I have promoted GNU/Linux since 1997. Since Ubuntu came in the picture I am more and more confident about introducing people to the free software world and offering them a nice experience. The last years I have really just been very satisfied with what I have and not been so keen on promoting it beyond the people that really want to try it. Unity is changing that!

Now I feel our desktop is a better desktop than the competition (***which is Mac OS X and Windows***). I can truly say that Ubuntu as a free software computing platform does everything most people I know need. And additional (proprietary or not) tools that run on Ubuntu as well do the rest.

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 running on Mutter is slow. It works and it’s ok, but it’s a pain (after a while) to run even in my PC (Lenovo X200).

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Mutter)

Unity 3D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Mutter)

Unity 2D is FAST! Really fast! I have not had this feeling about my desktop in at least 3 years. It just flies! And a constant development of the platform is getting me all excited!

Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt) on Dual Screen

Unity 2D on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt) on Dual Screen

Unity 2D Desktop on Ubuntu 10.10 (Qt)

As you see from the screenshots, there are some shortcoming in the real life use of the software itself (works like a charm with one screen) which I am sure will be resolved over time. Wayland may even play a role when thinking of these improvements.

I am looking forward to the Alpha 2 testing for Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) with the Unity 3D now being based in Compiz. These are truly exciting times!

With Unity I now *WANT* everyone using the Ubuntu desktop as I believe it brings the best of the free software stack for everyday computer users: Gtk and Qt, Ubuntu’s solid Hardware support, attention from ISVs and it Just works®!

Thank you to everyone for making this happen! 🙂

~ by huayra on 2011 February 3.

15 Responses to “Unity: Makes me want to push the Ubuntu desktop. Once again!”

  1. “Now I feel our desktop is a better desktop than the competition.”

    What competition? That’s just wrong man. ):

    • The competition, in this context, is Mac OS X and Windows (in that order).

      Updated the post for the sake of clarification.

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  3. Until it runs fine on a Eee701 with a 600MHz CPU clock speed and 3D acceleration enabled, Unity does not interest me.

    • 2 options:

      1. Unity 3D (Compiz) coming in Natty will, I belive, be a lot faster. I work with one of the guys involved in the Compiz project and he tells me it is so. And, I believe him.
      2. Unity 2D (or Unity-Qt) will make anyone in any hardware believe (I am using it right now and prefer it over the 3D mutter version) as it is lightning fast and super smooth. Running 3D effects is possible also, so you can have the best of both worlds (getting i.e. docky effects and running Unity-Qt as your shell) Try it

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  5. I have advocated Ubuntu for several years, particularly in the context of an XP replacement on ageing systems, but to suggest that is is better than OS X? That’s just the fanboy in you not being objective.

    Take for example Search. While Zeitgeist and Unity are working on making Search a part of the desktop for Natty, judged by Ubuntu as it stands today, it simply does not have a proven, matured Search feature like OS X (or even Windows).

    Take for example Backing Up. OS X ships with Time Machine, a very bling GUI backup that automates the process and makes recovering files a doddle. Where is the back up app that ships with Ubuntu?

    Take for example the apps that ship on an Ubuntu install. Do you honestly believe that Pitivi is in the same league as iMovie?

    Take for example…. I could list another 50 examples, which is to say nothing of the general fit and finish of OS X. There simply isn’t another software company in the world that makes icons as pretty as Apple for example.

    I love Ubuntu and I hope that it becomes the defacto OS for PCs in the future, but to blindly say it is in the same league as OS X is incorrect.

    What Ubuntu does have in its favour however is that it is improving at a much faster rate than OS X. I would predict that 3 years from now it will be a much closer call, but today Ubuntu still has a bunch of things it needs to improve.

    • Do you not feel that with all the extras OS X is going the way of Windows and getting… bloated?

      Do you not feel that with all the lockdown Apple are going the way Microsoft did before they were convicted for their monopoly?

      After all every backup solution shipped with an OS is a potential business loser for 3rd party backup solution companies with superior products. Just look back at how Netscape died when MS included IE on the OS. Apple now is worse than Microsoft back in the day, specifically with vendor lock-in (home recording fans, they even bought Logic and made it Mac-only, forcing Windows owners into a Cubase/Sonar/buy a Mac choice). Now they force developers for iPhone/iPad to buy a Mac just for the development tools. For how nice OS X looks (and I do like the OS) what I’d pay for to use it is far beyond acceptable.

      That’s where Ubuntu steps in.

    • I will not deny that the Mac OS X desktop is a great one, but you can be as productive and do *almost* everything you can do on Mac OS X or Windows in Ubuntu today.

      In the Free/Libre/Open Source Software landscape, Ubuntu is the only contender to the other desktop platforms today.

      Our development since 2004 has been amazing:
      * In the previous 7 years to that we saw a great improvement in the tools and the development of the ecosystem itself
      * The last 7 years have shown us a maturity of our software, our collaboration platforms, a betterment of our tools and a more professional community organizational approach.

      Freedom by default is a feature that should be enforced in any software and thus I think it is worthwhile to not remember that aspect of Ubuntu, which is an OS representing FLOSS as a viable alternative to Mac OS X and Windows.

      • The problem is most FLOSS guys really overstate the importance of freedom to end users. Unless an end user directly butts their head against a limitation that they can’t get around (such as the days when all music stores had different DRMs that didn’t work together) most users frankly don’t care. What they do care about however is that the tech they use is powerful and intuitive and they will gladly take a locked down kick ass system over an average but more free system. Ubuntu will only succeed when it is better than OS X and Windows even completely ignoring the price argument and the freedom argument.

  6. isnt this the same ugly GNome desktop but with a side panel…
    it looks like a Mac with a side panel.

    I really wish people would stop making big deals over small cosmetic changes.

    and if new gadgets are what drive your motor then by all means join the Mac cult… you Buntu fanbois are halfway there anyways in behaviour and totally there by the looks….

    `In the Free/Libre/Open Source Software landscape, Ubuntu is the only contender to the other desktop platforms today.`

    See.,.this is the kind of BS which makes people want to puke … unless you are 12 and then its understandable to be that hyped up,..
    you talk like a child, worried about who is the bestest about how
    `we` are this or that.

    I get the excitement of a new OS, I get the allure of it all but its the level of BS that are intolerable.

    When you use the same desktop, and Compiz and all the same appas as other distros, the differenve between distros is minor and cosmetic.
    Show a newbie two distros using the same desktop and ask them to tell you the difference and they will say icon and wallpaper.

    – With Unity I now *WANT* everyone using the Ubuntu desktop

    Take you meds man…..
    Too much will square more people than it brings in.

    • 1. I believe beauty is a feature.
      2. My reaction might be of over-excitement. But I truly believe we can solve bug #1 or else I would be expending my time otherwise.
      3. You do not have to agree, in as much I can share Ubuntu with anyone I like.
      And I could go on, but I will not.

  7. The last sentence should read scare, not square.
    As in being too eager to spread the gospel will turn off people.

  8. Awww thanks very much for the awesome mention!

    http://unity-linux.org 😀

    Have fun with Unity Linux!

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