Ubuntu Norway Release Parties – 10.10.10

Congratulations everyone with the release of Ubuntu 10.10 – Maverick Meerkat!

In Norway we teamed up with the 350.org and the 10:10 initiative to make our party part of the Global Work Party events (over 7000 all over the world!)



10/10/10 Global Work Party!



Ubuntu Norway Release party poster thanks to SpreadUbuntu!


As part of the activities in Oslo people went for a bike ride first:


Global Work Party - Oslo Bike Ride

Global Work Party - Oslo Bike Ride


And then some landed at the Ubuntu Norway Release party in Humla @ Hausmania:


GWP - Ubuntu Release Party @ Humla

Showing an ARM computer running Ubuntu


Our program in Oslo had this agenda:

  • Is Green IT possible? Sustainability and Ubuntu, GNU/Linux and Open Source Software Ecosystem – Ruben Romero
  • Ubuntu Intro. What’s new on Maverick? – Bjørn Ove Wærås
  • Micromachines – Greener and smarter with the ARM IGEP – Jo-Erlend Schinstad
  • Ubuntu Q&A – Everyone
  • Install Ubuntu from PXE? See how! – Kacper Wysocki

We also held events in Bergen and Trondheim. Information is available as usual in our LoCo directory page.


~ by huayra on 2010 October 10.

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