Meet up in Berlin for a FLOSS talk? + No Velocity without Varnish ;)

As work is taking me to Berlin (for the eZ Conference & Awards Thu-Fri) I would like to use the occasion and meet some local Ubuntu and/or Varnish Cache enthusiasts 🙂

I’ll arrive in the evening of Wednesday, be in the conference hotel until Friday and then CouchSurf at an awesome Berliner’s apartment Friday to Sunday afternoon, when I will be heading back to Oslo.

This is the first time I am in Berlin more than a few hours at a time (did that for 13 years ago) and it would be nice to enjoy it with the locals and other travelers if possible. I’ve only heard awesome things about the city! 🙂

If you want to know more, have participated or have some input on the projects I am involved with (hint: SpreadUbuntu and the Maverick cycle) please do get in touch. You can contact me through Twitter, Launchpad, LinkedIn or e-mail and we will arrange something. Thanks in advance!

Wir uns alle in Berlin sehen! 😉

On a side note for Californians: If you want to talk Varnish under  this year’s O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference next week, this is your lucky day: Tollef For Heen, of Ubuntu and Varnish fame, and Per Buer, of Varnish and Redpill Linpro fame will be there. For details read Per’s post.

~ by huayra on 2010 June 18.

4 Responses to “Meet up in Berlin for a FLOSS talk? + No Velocity without Varnish ;)”

  1. awesome stuff starting point:


    Wir werden uns alle in Berlin sehen

  2. Alternatively:

    Wir sehen uns alle in Berlin.

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