Nokia Booklet 3G + Ubuntu LTS 10.04 CDs arrive to Oslo

Nokia Booklet 3G + Ubuntu 10.04 LTS CD

Nice couple, right?

As mentioned earlier I was expecting the Nookia Booklet 3G to arrive soon for some testing (thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia) and so today was the day.


Basically its performance with Windows is not spectacular. It works and it feels ok, but is kind of slowish and the graphics are really slow (you can see windows being moved or drawn!!??)

I tried it with Ubuntu LTS 10.04 Netbook Edition and it worked almost flawlessly out of the box. The one exception is of course screen resolution. This was expected as the GMA 500 is pretty much a hellsent piece of hardware with useless software for users of newer GNU/Linux distributions as no drivers for newer Xorg is available.

Those who know me guessed it already: I am going to try until it works. And I got others with me!

I cannot let you do testing yourself with this device but if you want me to I can test things for you. If you have a benchmarking software test suite (Windows and Linux) you could recommend or something you want to know about the device I will do my best the next 2 weeks to answer your questions. Just leave a comment.

Thanks in advance!


~ by huayra on 2010 May 6.

9 Responses to “Nokia Booklet 3G + Ubuntu LTS 10.04 CDs arrive to Oslo”

  1. benchmark with suspider chromium on both windows and ubuntu.

    BTW awesome fonts on the websites =)))))

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  3. Hey, can you tell how long is the battery life under Ubuntu with this laptop? Everyone says battery life is Nokia 3g booklet’s biggest advantage, but I wonder if it’s not only on windows.

  4. There’s now a GMA 600, too. What a bunch of treacherous backstabbers. I guess we have to step up the complaining until they get their act together and either strike a deal with PowerVR or make their own damn chipset. Until then, I will do everything I reasonably can to avoid buying Intel hardware. Kinda hard when you’re looking for a notebook, and even more so if you don’t want Windows.

  5. I wonder if the FitPC drivers would work with this booklet, they have developed a binary driver for the Poulsbo chip found in the FitPC2 mini-PC.

    • I think that FitPC comes with Ubuntu 8.04 and the same driver are actually in use by Jolicloud, but it might be a different one. Do you have any other details?

      The driver used in Jolicloud is supported up to Ubuntu 9.10 AFAIK, while it will not be support for Ubuntu LTS 10.04 because of its X server version (1.7) since there is no new X driver available since 2008. But it could be possible to tweak the system to work… And that is exactly what I want to try.

  6. How is the performance of openoffice (windows version) on the 3G booklet? The booklet only comes with a trial version of windows office.

  7. If you still facing any issues with Graphics Drivers, then check the link given below of my post

    Will also like to have your comments, if any success with Wi-Fi as I faced issues with that though SIM slot worked out of the box

  8. Out of respect to people commenting: The Booklet actually just died right after my intial testing. No special reason.

    After thinkering with it for a couple of hours with a couple of colleagues, we decided it just died and we sent it back to Nokia… Never got another one to test…

    Anyway, my excitement with Nokia products has long passed and I have no idea of what to think anymore about their phones, noentheless about any of their products. I am just sorry for them for blowing away their own game.

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