I really thought I would have a lower score

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but I didn’t… So I had to document it.

~ by huayra on 2010 April 21.

4 Responses to “I really thought I would have a lower score”

  1. *bows down*
    We’re Not Worthy!!


  2. I got 98. I was expecting something in the 70s.

  3. I’m having trouble commenting on your next post. Usable GMA 500 drivers are available for Karmic so you may want to try reinstalling that instead of Lucid. (It still requires some work with a PPA, etc.) It’s possible that during the Lucid cycle the hardware manufacturers will release a newer driver but nothing official has been said yet.

    • I have fixed the trouble with site caching.

      Yes, indeed, we are going to end up in Jaunty, but we will see how far we can come with Lucid. My testing team is composed by X.org hackers/builders, Kernel patchers who like to geek and hang together with a beer or two while having fun!

      Thanks for the info! 🙂 R.

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