Ubuntu Ísland: Newcomer to the LoCo Party!

This is real!

This was real last Monday!

Last week I went on a vacation to Iceland. Fantastic country full of fantastic and beautiful people!

In advance I bloged on it and sent a couple of emails to Local Linux User Groups and so I managed to get to three meetings with some enthusiasts. The conclusion is basically this post.

The team has officially been initiated today. I am SO looking forward to them becoming an official team!

Here is a link to the email announcing the creation of the team if you want to read more.


~ by huayra on 2010 March 18.

2 Responses to “Ubuntu Ísland: Newcomer to the LoCo Party!”

  1. Awesome!

  2. A little IRC chat:
    jpds as – and huayra (me) as _:

    – Interesting.
    – How the same day I set up a push mirror trigger to an Icelandic mirror, ubuntu-is showed up. 🙂
    _ life really is weird, isn’t it?
    – All in the fun.

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