Update while enjoying this round around the sun we like to call 2010

I’ve decided to keep this blog totally technical for the sake of keeping things contextual (yes I am thinking of you planet readers.) If you want to follow my personal blog (where the fun is) and tweets please follow me here.

For the rest of you my usual  update on FLOSS related activities:

  • Have been testing the Nokia N900 extensively, but have not had time for posting the results. Thanks for your patience! 🙂 I will come back to you and answer all the questions I got.
  • Met some fantastic people from the Catalan LoCo Team in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain -Thank you for the beer and the inter-cultural exchange in Castillian (what people call “Spanish”.) I really like travelling and meeting fellow Ubunter@s around. Face-to-face interfacing makes a community stronger! It really is useful to talk to new people and mutually exchange experience on LoCo activities. Hope to be able to show up at the next UDS in Europe and meet more community members

Well besides that I have been working with some FLOSS projects as of lately. Earlier I’ve had the pleasure to work with projects such as:

Lately I’ve lucky enough to work in the mercantile side of things for:

  • Bifrost – a FLOSS printout management solution (follow-me-printing) that has a  server, a SW/HW client with card reader support that works with any PostScript supporting printer. Bifrost 1.2 was just released – Get it while it’s hot!
  • Multiframe –  Thin client Administration solution. It can manage many different thin clinet models as well as turning any computer into a thin client!
  • Varnish –  Basically what you are going to use as reverse HTTP accelerator (web caching) in your next project (or your existing site). It will blow away your current Squid setup, I promise: 10-20 times better performance in the same hardware!!?? – Probably the reason why Twitter uses it. But they are not alone since many media/newspaper sites worldwide are using it too and I’ve seen many combinations being worked on: Escenic, Drupal and eZ Publish integration with the project being the most prominent.

These project are really cool and I am happy I will be spending a great deal of my time working with them this year.

I am probably going to Stockholm, Sweden at the end of this month. More information on that to follow.

For my next post I am seeking to give you an update on:

  • Nokia N900 and how much it rocks!
  • News on SpreadUbuntu and what is up (or not) with the Ubuntu Marketing Team.
  • Hopefully some test results of the work that has been done regarding the Debian/Ubuntu packaging of our beloved and mono-based iFolder. I want my own DropBox/UbuntuOne now!

Thanks for reading – Stay tuned!

~ by huayra on 2010 January 12.

One Response to “Update while enjoying this round around the sun we like to call 2010”

  1. Looking forward to any results on the packaging of iFolder.

    I have seen a 3.8 server rpm and source version here:

    I may try the alien route of installing this on a ubuntu 64-bit box. I have a VM setup now to give it a go. Wish me luck. Anyway let me know if this setup will/wont work.

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