Off-Topic – My X-mas gift: “Arithmetic, Population and Energy”

This time around I want to give the knowledge in this video as a a present to you. This is such essential knowledge that I would advise you to grab a cup of coffee/tea/water or just sit there, take an hour of your life and understand the greatest challenge humanity faces. It will not be wasted time.

If you are in a planet click here for the youtube link.

It all can be summarized into this: The Greatest Shortcoming of the Human Race is our Inability to Understand the Exponential Function.

It’s implications are what we call overpopulation, global/climate change, the food crisis, energy clash, wars for oil, reduction of democracy over time and pretty much any stupid statement or process you can think of that is driving our species straight out of the cliff. I have to thank Jean-Marc for his blog post on the topic. He did, unwillingly, push me to this OT post.

If you did not find this interesting I told you it was off-topic. Still have something to say? Comments are open.

Merry Christhmas to believers and non-believers alike. Enjoy your ride!


~ by huayra on 2009 December 23.

One Response to “Off-Topic – My X-mas gift: “Arithmetic, Population and Energy””

  1. Very interesting and slightly scary…
    Thanks for sharing

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