Nokia N900 – What do you want me to test?

Ok, so I did it again. I got a Nokia N900 for testing and own amusement.

Runs debian baby!

Let the a free experience drive you phone... Unlocks with 'sudo gainroot'

And there are lots of things I want to try:

  • Spotify: got libdespotify+gspotify running, but it halts and I have not gotten it to work. I want to find a way that works for humans beings: i.e. no compiling.
  • Remote connections: VNC, OpenSSH, Rdesktop and probably some other stuff like VPN, Ad-hoc WLAN, Bluetooth DUN and IR.
  • Telepathy and its beauty: Everything is properly integrated (you have skype, but no skype app which is a plus)

I know that there’s a lot of people out there that want one of this fantastic devices, but you have to know what you buy, right? And what is own amusement without sharing?

So I am willing to test different hardware and software features of the N900 in the coming weeks. Please post a comment to this entry with what you want tested and a group of Redpill Linpro in Oslo and me will give it a shot.

Mind you: Most problems will get solved in a simple manner and solutions will be document in this blog. Although I might end up compiling some stuff and adding weird repositories to my sources.list I will try to get it done in a way that is easy for normal (not super/power) users to achieve the same result.

So there you go, you can know what you want before you buy.

In this way we can together explore if reality aligns with my predictions. Or not…

~ by huayra on 2009 December 2.

20 Responses to “Nokia N900 – What do you want me to test?”

  1. Ruben – how is XMPP working out?

  2. The “Unlocks with ‘sudo gainroot'” needs a footnote:

    * you need to enable the Maemo Extras application catalog and install “rootsh”
    * or, alternatively (and less conveniently), you need to enable R&D mode with the flasher command-line tool on a PC, with the N900 connected over USB

  3. Could you test this – does the browser (fennec iirc?) include support for playing back Ogg video and audio?

  4. “you have skype, but no skype app which is a plus”

    Telepathy supports skype? Haven’t heard of this, but it would be _really_ cool!

  5. I’d really like to know how easy is to exploit all the cool features of N900 in a self made program (with Maemo SDK or maybe QT 4.6).

    I mean, the N900 has a built in camera, AGPS, accelerometer, FM-transmitter and so on… is it possibile to write a custom program that uses one or more of these things?

    For example (it is really just a weird example) if I want to take a photo with the camera each time the phone is “shaked”, I could do it?

    If I want to save my GPS coordinates every 30 minutes in a text file, I could do it?

  6. Test a/v calling on gtalk,jabber using telepathy works or not?

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  8. Hey!

    Thanks a lot for offering yourself for this tests!

    I am very interested in the N900 myself and would like to understand the following things:

    I have seen many people talking about unexpected errors, slow performance, etc. What´s your overall experience?

    Can you install .deb packages that are valid for a standard PC?

    Can you install pidgin?

    I assume you mention OpenSSH from a client perspective. Can the N900 run the server side? (not sure that makes sense, but I am curious)

    How many apps you feel it can run in parallel before it feels bloated?

    Thanks again!

  9. Hey congrats, for how much you bought it and from where i am in Egypt and i want to buy one?

  10. Its usefulness …

  11. I’ve ordered one that wont arrive for another month =( A few questions related to barcodes. Can you take a picture of a barcode show it full screen and have scanners scan it?

    Also, is there a barcode scanner tool? Bonus for price comparison tools. Sometimes I’ll be browsing used game stores and see a game fairly cheap and wonder whether I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

  12. If it isn’t too much trouble, I would like to know how well emacs works on the device, I notice it doesn’t have a meta key.

    thanks very much.

  13. Great idea. Here are some quick requests.

    1. Web browsing while playing music (recorded or streaming); heard complaints that playback may become choppy.

    2. Listening to music over BT stereo headphones and answering calls. Voice commands over BT?

    3. Video calling. I know it’s not there yet in the integrated skype. But what about Fring or Gtalk or Ytalk?

    4. Voice announcements of incoming messages while listening to music over BT?

    5. Smoothness of video playback, whether recorded or streaming? (Again, heard complaints of choppiness.)

    Thanks in advance!

  14. Does it have what it takes to play h264 videos in mkv containers?
    Can you try different resolutions?
    How is the sound quality on mp3, ogg and flac files?
    How is the performance like for traditional desktop apps(amarok, akregator,
    How is the performance of the ‘big’ desktop environments (xfce, gnome, kde)

    thanks for your time 😀

  15. First and foremost, we shouldn’t forget that this is supposed to be a phone. So what I’d like to see tested is how well this device works as a phone while all the other crazy hacks are going on. That includes call quality, battery life, address book functionality, etc.

    I really want to buy one of these, but it’d be a dealbreaker if it doesn’t work well as a normal phone, or if the phone functionality breaks easily when you’re using third-party supplied functionality.


  16. Lucky. They aren’t selling them here in the US yet…

    I am curious how well the calendar works, and more importantly, how well it synchronizes with Google Calendar.

  17. Does it run X11?

    In other words, is it pie-in-the-sky to expect to use it as a full-blown Linux box?

  18. Got mine for Christmas (I was very generous with myself this year ;)), and last night (1/12/2010) got the first Maemo upgrade since production release. Google voice integrated into Contacts, in a similar fashion as Skype, would be great! There is an app called CallCentral, which ties into Google Voice … partially … maybe that’d be a start?!?

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