Ubuntu-no on the (video) news + 4 release Parties in Norway

The Norwegian Ubuntu LoCo Team @ digiTV (Norway’s most populat IT news site).

So today we managed to get Ubuntu Norge been featured in 3 videos introducing GNU/Linux to a wider audience and having an ubuntu walkthrough on the desktop and the server. With a special look at Karmic and its new features 🙂

See the videos (audio in Norwegian only) here.

The total footage is about 50 minutes (19, 20, 10) so grab a cup and enjoy!

Come today and party with us in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø.

This is a new record (previous was 2 parties):



Wiki page for coordination and the program can be seen here.

Forum threads for Ubuntu-no activities here.

In Oslo the party is @ Redpill-Linpro (thanks for the facilities). Pizza and beverages sponsored by FreeCode. Workshop, installhelp and talks. Everyone is welcomed to Vitaminveien 1A in Storo. We start @ 17.00. For more info click here.

For information on the parties in Bergen (UiB v/BLUG), Trondheim (NTNU v/PVV) and Tromsø (Driv v/Tromsø Dataklubb + TOSLUG) visit www.ubuntu.no

Have a nice release everyone!

~ by huayra on 2009 October 29.

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  1. Happy Koala Day!

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