Ubuntu and other FLOSS events/conferences in Norway – Sep-Oct-Nov ’09

Giving you an update on FLOSS activities in Norway:

  1. Software Freedom Day – Oslo team @ IFI ved UiO – 15-09-2009 kl 16.15
    • As I was on my way to a meeting with a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor, Magnus of Cybernetisk Selskab and Ubuntu Norge fame gave me a call and asked if I could come up to the Ubuntu install party/Software Freedom Day celebration  in one hour. I spoke GNU/Linux those hours, but did no installs 😐
    • Of course, I tried earlier to organize the event myself, but did not get palpable response from PING at the Uni of Oslo. What I did not know was that Cybernetisk Selskab were working on the same too. It’s hard to cooperate when you talk with the wrong people. Anyway… This time around they got a nice Installfest rolling and helped students and the general public with installation of Ubuntu and other FLOSS goodness!
    • See pictures in Gallery, the original pictures and the “report” [Norwegian only]. 🙂
  2. NUUGs prize for promoting Free Software 2009 (Individuals/organizations and a special prize for municipalities) @ HiO 12-10-2009
    • Norwegian UNIX User Group gives out the prize for Free Software promotion in Norway. see the nominees here. There’s people from local libraries to the Nokia QT software and Skolelinux Community manager. MOre information and registration for the event can be seen here [Norwegian only].
    • This year there’s a prize for a municipality as well. This I see as a good incentive for the public sector to get to know Free Software and work hard to apply it in their IT infrastructure. Which is good! 🙂
  3. NOKIOS – IT Conference for the Norwegian Public sector @ NTNU in Trondheim 13- to 15-10-2009
  4. Ubuntu Release Parties in Norway – Karmic Koala@ October/November 2009

    • Time and place has not been defined yet, but this far we have people from Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø interested in getting some kind of event going, which rocks!
    • We are talking with other Free Software groups (Fedora, OpenBSD) in order to see if we can coordinate our efforts to make a FLOSS Release Party, so it does not have to be only Karmic centric, but include other distros and thus make an even better and greater celebration! 🙂
    • There’s a thread in the Norwegian forum, a planning page in our wiki for people interested in the participation of these events. YOu can also send an email to our mailist. Registration and archives here
    • If YOU want to be part of the event in any form, please follow up the forum thread, add your information to the wiki page or write an email to the mailing list. We need YOU!

There are other events around but these activities seem the most relevant right now. Thanks for reading!

~ by huayra on 2009 September 23.

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