Update – SpreadUbuntu, Nordic cooperation, New job

First things first:

  • SpreadUbuntu is done! Really. Let’s just get the http://www.spreadubuntu.com domain pointing at the production site @ Neomenlo and get done with it. Motivation needs drivers and our motivation is to get official status before the Karmic release.
  • Evan, our SpreadUbuntu  hero, is now an Ubuntu member! Yeah!
  • The Nordic teams have for a while been talking about doing some cooperation work so we can together align our goals on raising awareness of Ubuntu in an even greater manner. So I have:
  1. Asked the Norwegian team to explore the idea of going to a conference in order to have an Ubuntu meeting with other enthusiasts assisting while I invited people to participate on the celebration (and the planning) of the 9.10 release and hopefully a Jam too! (Norwegian only)
  2. Urged our Nordic colleagues to get things rolling so we can coordinate the release parties regionally with things like similar marketing materials and probably even have (or join) a campaign running, i.e. @ SpreadUbuntu. It seems to be interest to get some action out of our cooperation wishes 🙂

More in the personal side I’ve been busy lately as the wind has moved me from one place to another lately:

  • Moved on June. Now I am living even closer to the center of Oslo which opens up for more and greater access to the city life (culture, night&day life and all kinds of activities)
  • I left FreeCode after an awesome year there and started as a Sales Specialist @ Redpill-Linpro, which is by far the biggest FLOSS company in the Nordic region. It’s even an Ubuntu (Training) Partner which really is just great!
  • Retaken lots of *lost* interests: Climbing, studying French, reading lots and lots, writing even more, dancing & partying 😉

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for your precious time!

~ by huayra on 2009 September 17.

2 Responses to “Update – SpreadUbuntu, Nordic cooperation, New job”

  1. Hi Rubén!
    It’s great to see that you have advanced in the project! I know I was inactive the past year, but I have still been following your developments!
    As you might remember I had a hard time at HEC Business school, but now I’ve changed for applied computer science, finally might I say! It’s great, I’m really loving this now, I’ve re-re-opened my blog, and I’m also slowly coming back to Ubuntu development and promotion circles, etc…
    Things are more or less settling down now, I’m starting to shape it the way I’d like to. 🙂
    I just wanted to say that it’s great to see that the effort and many hours of thought have not been lost! You did a great job there!
    I will try to pop in at your next meeting or so 😉

    See you!

    • It’s great to know that you are more satisfied with your choices and on track with the way you want things to be!

      It is always great to have people back in the project 🙂


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