Nokia… What is my next phone going to use?

I made a promise I didn’t keep… So instead of blogging about my Nokia N810 Internet tablet this time around I think I’m going to give you some insight into what I think is Nokia’s plan for the future:

  • 1980 – Psion is founded. This company will make EPOC, the OS that in time wll evolve to what we know as the Symbian OS
  • 2001 – The “Open” Symbian OS is released in a Nokia Communicator (Series 80)
  • 2002 – Nokia 7650 exhibits the first Series 60 device, running Symbian. Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic and others (mainly in Japan) release Symbian based devices as well
  • 2003 – The Smart Phone market explodes
  • 2004 – Nokia 7710 gets released as the only Series 90 device. It’s Nokia first device to resemble a Tablet
  • 2004 -. Rumour has it that Nokia is working on an device that is to run GNU/Linux
  • 2005 – I tell a friend (now working for Nokia) that Symbian should not only be an “Open platform” but also an Open OS. I tell him that it will happen, sooner or later, but it’s going to take time. The more they wait, the less impact it will have in the mobile device software landscape
  • 2005 – Nokia 770 is released exhibit the Maemo platform based in, please rise, Debian GNU/Linux
  • 2006 – This year marks the dead of Series 80 and the rise of Series 60 for all Nokia Symbian models (including the Communicator, now called Nokia E90)
  • 2006 – I know people @ Trolltech (Now part og Nokia R&D – Qt Software) telling me that Nokia is testing Qt in their Nokia devices, but they ask me to keep it secret
  • 2007 – Nokia N800 is released with a new Maemo. Nokia drops Opera and includes Mozilla’s MicroB
  • 2007 – Nokia N810 is annouced. Maemo 4.0 is the bomb! No Firmware updates, pure APT magic now by default!
  • 2008 – Nokia N810 Wimax edition hits the streets. A version of Ubuntu can run in this and the previous N810 devices. Go baby!
  • 2009 – Rumour has it that Nokia N900 comes with the whole package: Phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, even FM radio! No MMS support as it only has one Access Point (like the iPhone used to be. Please start hacking on this so we can all enjoy sending those nifty 5 MegaPixel pictures). The OS exhibits fantastic features: implemented the telepathy framework and integration to online services works like a breeze. It really does!
  • 2009 – Nokia releases Symbian with a GPL compatible license. Linux devs rip off/port/fork the goods of the system (if anything…) and Symbian dies a slow death as effort moves towards a better Linux Mobile kernel
  • 2009 – Nokia rides the C++ horse all the way on top of Qt and their Web standards based platform WRT! Code once, Create more and Release everywhere!
  • 2010 – As Symbian is POSIX all possible apps get ported to it (supports Python, C, C++), but who cares? We all want our apps delivered easily through APT and integrated to stores supporting similar approaches. This gets integrated into Symbian but they do it wrong: They bet on Ovi being a success… Sorry, but it won’t be one
  • 2010 – My fellow geeks and me go around with the Maemo aka nice-Debian-GNU/Linux driven N900 blowing away all those clueless apple lovers that have never heard of gravity! Even those robotic humanoid users will be impressed. this is as good as it gets:
    • It’s a bird!
    • No, but it does fly!
    • It’s a plane!
    • No, but it takes you anywhere and it’s faster than one!
    • Is it superman?
    • No, but he would have one if he existed!
  • 2010 – Nokia keeps a good market share in the growing Mobile Internet market. They do  supports several FLOSS development frameworks and their devices can run almost anything created with them. The OS the devices run has become an irrelevant commodity
  • 2010 – Web developers turn into application developers for the mobile market driven by Web supporting runtimes (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • 2011 – Qt is one of the most used platform for mobile development. KDE still not the perfect DE, but it’s irrelevant by now since the user base of Qt apps has changed its epicenter to the mobile market. Something similar is true for GNOME related frameworks. Web runtimes are far more popular than both of these combined!
  • 2011 – Nokia is known as one of the biggest contributors to the Free Software ecosystem in history
  • 2011 – Ovi dies. Non-centralized application repositories for mobile platforms (Maemo, Symbian, Android) become standard and Free Software get a decent market share (20% or more) of all user applications
  • 2012 – Internet in your hand is the driven force for the mobile market worldwide. Nokia still be the innovation driver here by creating new interfaces to address market challenges (i.e. for analphabet users) and offering a big spectrum of devices for all users (still keeping the high-end market for itself)

I can’t see the future, but I think this is what is going to happen. So this renders the question in this post irrelevant: My next phone is going to use Free Software more and more. That’s the real answer!

The API war was won by HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of TCP/IP: the web API is the future people. Remember these words!

Please comment on these predictions and tell me what you think 🙂

Go baby!

~ by huayra on 2009 August 20.

14 Responses to “Nokia… What is my next phone going to use?”

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  4. I predict OpenMoko will kick Nokia’s ass.

    I predict neither Ubuntu or Maemo will contribute back to Debian.

    I predict Debian will die a slow and lonely death.

    • I assume you are not Mark (I can see your IP, you know)…


      OpenMoko will stay the underdog for techies and Maddog. Which is not a bad thing but it will not go mainstream. Nokia will stay the biggest cell phone manufacturer for a while.

      Nokia contributes back to the ecosystem. My prediction is that they will do so in a much broader way than today.

      Debian will gain strength from Ubuntu, as Ubuntu in its way gets from Debian: I use an “stabilized” version of sid that comes every 6 months and kicks ass! we just happen to have a nicer name than sid6 for it: Ubuntu 😉

  5. RIM is currently the fastest growing smartphone manufacture. They produce a phone that is neither open or particually good but they have created a great email app that allows you to do what you like and a browser that works well enough. The iPhone is doing well because again it does important tasks really well. The reason that Symbian is starting to loose ground, other than there being more competitors, is that it still can’t do email properly and the music player is pretty poor when compared to the likes of the iPhone. If Nokia had spent less on playing with mobile services and more on making really good apps by default then they would be in a much stronger position.
    Big brands help sell phones, people want a Google, Nokia or Apple phone not one running Qt or web widgets. It’s great that Nokia is opening up as with both Nokia and Google developing more open platforms then we will start to see common threads appear and more mobile web applications that work across those platforms.
    As long as there is a continued development around open standards and not locking people in then life gets better for everybody.

  6. Hmm, I need to reflash my N810 anyways (screen won’t turn off). I may try putting ubuntu on there…

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  8. The world will end in 2012…

  9. Did not see this coming: A Nokia Netbook!


  10. go open office…………..

  11. what did I tell you?

    This rocks!

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  13. The world has changed so much since 2009… =P

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