SpreadUbuntu did not take summer vacation… Now it’s time for you to step up and make it better too!

Unlike most people, our always übermenschly Evan did not only manage to take some vacation but did as well port the whole SpreadUbuntu Marketing Material repository from Drupal5 to Drupal6 and created an even better site!

So I am now proud to half-announce a whole lot of new features… But this is not the announcement. that will come in time before the Karmic release. In the meanwhile I let you know this:

  1. All of you UbuSpreaders will now be able to let everyone know the news of your favorite distro arriving again after 6 months. People never get tired, you know!
  2. All designers with non-stop-designing fingers can now upload their Ubuntu and other FLOSS related material to the site so our Local Communitites and Marketing team worldwide can use them. We all know you want us to use it!
  3. The best part is, of course, that YOU decide how you want to spread the news as the material being offered comes in many flavours: Posters, website buttons, t-shirts logoes, stickers and more… Take what you want!
  4. Gain your 5 minutes of fame by working with the Karmic Koala launching campaign. Now we have a module integrated with individual contributions. Just admit it, humans are fueled by recognition!
  5. It’s all integrated with Launchpad baby! Just press the login button in the top right and you are ready to start translating, uploading material, making comments or contributing to the site in any way you may find.
  6. There’s more but you will have to wait for the announcement. Can’t give away all the goods in the first round 😉

For now I can tell you that Evan, in behalf of the team (which is for the most part him doing the job :)), has asked Canonical to redirect the http://www.spreadubuntu.com and http://www.spreadubuntu.org domains to our server which is running the site.

So everyome: Please go to the site and use it. test it, translate it, check its speed and make it more awesome by filling bugs if you find errors. Now it’s easier than ever to contribute!

And in case your RSS gets in the way the URL of the site as of now is http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/

For bugs, questions, code or anything else see the project page in launchpad: https://launchpad.net/spreadubuntu

We all love screenshots, don’t we? So here we go:

~ by huayra on 2009 August 12.

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