Vacationating in Valencia & Copenhagen + SpreadUbuntu update

As vacations have taken me out of Norway I am up to meet some Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora and other FLOSS people around where I am hanging.


  1. Spain: I would like to have a meet up with Ubuntu lovers here in Valencia as I am in here until the beginning of next week visiting family.
    I would really like to have a beer and talk ubuntu with people in the area (Si, hablo Castellano también 😉 ). Work with Free Software in Valencia has been unprecedential and I would like to know more about this experience.
  2. Denmark: Next weekend (not this weekend) I will be hanging in Denmark (first Aarhus for the Skanderborg festival). In Copenhagen I’ll be for Saturday and Sunday. I am to meet up with people from the Ubuntu Denmark team and others that might want to meet up and have a beer/talk/walk.
  3. Meeting up? Contact me by email: huayra _@t_ ubuntu _d0t_ com

The SpreadUbuntu team (aka Evan Boldt + others) is working hard to bring to you the Spread Ubuntu Do-It-Yourself Marketing material site officially within the releasze of Karmic. Have a look at the last changes and give us feedback:

Have a nice summer everyone!

~ by huayra on 2009 July 30.

7 Responses to “Vacationating in Valencia & Copenhagen + SpreadUbuntu update”

  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen. Enjoy your vacation! 😀

  2. I work for an open source company in Valencia, and I’ll be pleased to have a beer and talk about Ubuntu (Sí, hablo castellano también, mucho mejor que inglés :D).

    You can drop me a mail: I’m jjm at usebox (put the dot here) net.

  3. Hey, I hope you’ll enjoy your time at (Skanderborg festival) – I’ll be going there myself too (I live in Aarhus). It’s usually lots of fun 🙂 It also looks like it’ll be pretty decent weather!

    I’m not a FLOSS developer, but I do use Kubuntu and Ubuntu. I’m of course up for a beer at smukfest if you’d like to or if there’s anything you think I might be able to assist you with, then just contact me at jramskov at gmail dot com.

  4. […] time around I, specially, want to thank JuanJo (Fedora ambassador in Valencia),  Joergen Ramskov (K+Ubuntu enthusiast & SmukFest lover) and Mi Compadre Søren (Part of Ubuntu Denmark’s […]

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  6. I must visit there.

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