Ubuntu Norway – New loco-contact and meeting on Sunday @ 21.00 (Norwegian local time) #ubuntu-no @ FreeNode

News from our team:

  • Karianne Fog Heen is stepping down as contact member for our team and I am taking over her job. Previously I was the contact member for Ubuntu Ecuador and now I am looking forward to grow an even greater Norwegian team!
  • I want to thank Karianne for her hard work and wish her good luck with your future projects! Thanks to the team for giving the opportunity to be the contact member!

I have called for a meeting on Sunday the 25th of June @ 21.00 (Oslo UTC+2). The agenda (in Norwegian)

  • Ubuntu Norge, en gjennomgang:
    * Hvem er vi og hva vil vi?
    * Infrastruktur (webside, forum, chat, launchpad, mailister)
    * Aktiviteter (oversettelse, friprog bevisstgjøring, eventer)
  • La oss se fremover:
    * Hva kan du bidra med?
    * Forbedringspotensial?
    * Arbeidsgrupper (team infrastruktur, aktivitetsgruppa, oversettelsesgruppa++)
    * Oversettelse: i18n-no, launchpad+upstream samarbeid
    * Team infrastruktur ansvarlige
    * Eventer: Større fester og holde dem flere steder, samt andre fysiske møter for Ubuntu entusiaster
    * Samarbeidet med andre friprog/fri kultur interesse organisasjoner
  • Synliggjøre bruk av Ubuntu i Norge: lokalt, nasjonalt, regionalt, globalt

If you are interested in contributing to the Norwegian team or have thoughts about better cooperation among teams at regional levels (Nordic, European) this is your chance!

  • Where: The meeting itself is on the Ubuntu Norge channel: #ubuntu-no in the FreeNode IRC network: irc.ubuntu.com
  • When: 21.00 (UTC+2 – Oslo/Norway)

Hav e a nice weekend everyone!


~ by huayra on 2009 June 25.

One Response to “Ubuntu Norway – New loco-contact and meeting on Sunday @ 21.00 (Norwegian local time) #ubuntu-no @ FreeNode”

  1. Good work, keep us updated on your progress via Planet Ubuntu and the loco-contacts mailing list. 🙂


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