My speed

My speed

Let’s put this in perspective:

  • Burkina Faso has 30 Mb/s bandwidth for the whole nation (I know this because Alberto told me, and trust me, he knows)
  • In Ecuador, where I come from originally, you get “broadband” starting at 64 Kb/s and up to 2 Mb/s, and it costs a fortune!
  • When working with the Umoja project, Emanuel, the technical lead was just amazed at how fast we could download Ubuntu. In Tanzania the Umoja team had trouble just uploading and downloading the Firefox translations to the SVN server… Not to speak of the trouble they had with getting the whole Mercurial (HG) repository from the Mozilla upstream…

Let’s now threat the United Nations Millenium Goals in the light of this small facts. Let’s take a peek at Goal 8:


And specially the goals’ target 5:

In cooperation with the private sector, make available benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications

My conclusions:

  • I do not believe that poverty eradication will be achieved as defined in the Millennium Goals within 2015
  • I believe changes are not done by signing papers in a big oval auditorium. No matter who signs what!
  • I believe in individuals like you and me to make changes
  • I believe that individuals have evolved themselves towards what works best for survival: cooperation
  • Let’s keep changing the world (do we ever do anything else than change the world in every action we take?) in the small things, like making our beloved OS rock
  • I am spoiled and I love fiber

Thanks for reading 🙂

~ by huayra on 2009 June 9.

6 Responses to “Bandwidth?”

  1. Your bandwidth makes me die a little inside. Your connection even beats my data-centred VPS. Argl the UK has atrocious networking!

    Can I come and live with you, please?

  2. Here in the UK (where we invented telephones…) the best I can hope for is 50mbps at the moment when South Korea is looking to roll out 150mbps. UK’s average is 2mbps which I am ashamed of. We pay a small fortune at work for 24mbps.

  3. i think the service sucks unless your on a shitty connection. I got like 80Mbit/s down and 40Mbit/s up. But not all bandwidth is used. So i would expect that the bottleneck is at the side.

  4. Oslo might have great bandwidth, but outside the major cities it is mostly terrible.

  5. Things to remember when people argue that Ubuntu move from a one CD install to a DVD.

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