ITSM, PM and Free Software –

So, we all heard of IT Service Management frameworks such as ITIL or Project Management frameworks such as PRINCE2, right?

At least here in Europe there’s a huge industry around those frameworks, and nonetheless the technology surounding them.

So what do you do when you realize that you, yes you, can see a business opportunity right here and right now that is worth billions of € £ and $ and that not many people have actually hit upon? You blog about it, right? Because ideas are to be shared 🙂

An example of sharing is this, a complete free ITIL tool overview made by ITIL experts. Giving people real choice and freedom is what we live for in the Free Software world, right?

Ever seen a CMDB that is actually ment to be used by its developers and has real ITIL experience behind it?

Why go pay a lot to learn about what this is all about when you just can learn while you are sharing your own knowledge, we all love wikis, don’t we? Share it all away baby! Sharing is caring and a fantastic way of learning 😉

The anthill spirit is indeed powerful!


~ by huayra on 2009 May 29.

2 Responses to “ITSM, PM and Free Software –”

  1. Thanks for shating this link. I’m planning to learn more about ITIL and other frameworks, this site is a great resource.

  2. Yes, this is exactly where I’ve been for the past two months. Thanks for this list.

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