Please help us with ideas for SpreadUbuntu

You can see how the site looks now here.

Mock-up for proposed changes:

SpreadUbuntu Mockup

SpreadUbuntu Mockup

As written today I want to gather ideas for the further development of the SpreadUbuntu site.

The goal with this is that after some feedback:

  • We get some people interested in helping out.
  • We make a to-do list in our wiki and concentrate in the gathered proposal as project packages/features implementation
  • To have a roadmap based in features towards the release and graduation of this Ubuntu Marketing team project as and

My proposition in the mockup is as follows:

  1. Web 2.0ish banner
    It might require changes in the theme we are using or at least the implementation of a script. My idea is to have a set of images that change randomically and that are appealing to the users. I just put some examples in my mockup, but it does not have to be like that it can be just one image or something.
  2. Launchpad Login
    Implement this neat feature that give access to all Launchpad users automatically through the use of the OpenID module. You can see it working in The Fridge or in the Ubuntu Ecuador site.
    In that way we can remove the CAPTCHA system we use today and not allow any unlogged users to upload material. You MUST login. That way we make people aware of the importance of launchpad and its role in the Ubuntu Community.
  3. Get, Make, Share Material menu improvements
    This menu is great, but we need to improve it in the spirit. Try clicking the menues there ans you’ll see what I mean. Basically we have to use the Drupal menues to make it even easier to understand how to move around the site.
    A little improvement of the Get, Make, Share pages should also be part of this change.
  4. About SpreadUbuntu section changes
    Here we need to make the introduction quicker here and give the users access to a couple of things:
    * Either a campaign, what to do and it’s related material
    * Access to material in general

    Little text and a picture to send people either to the DIY part or the Campaign/Site part
  5. Campaign Focus area
    Show the main campaign running now, and if we have several make it easy to show them randomically. Here we should have a calender or list of campaign-related events as well, which could use some space in point 8.
    I’ve taken a look at the Fridge calender, but it seems too general… It might just be me but we should have a campaign focused calender.
  6. The top right area
    Here we need:
    * A set of RSS feeds for material and campaigns
    * A text box for search
    * A place to choose your language

    Default language of this main page should be English, but the marketing material being shown should comprehend ALL languages, not just English.
  7. Media section
    Should give a quick overview of what type of materials we have but be smaller than the one we have today and probably more fancy.
  8. Top Downloads / Most Popular
    This area could show the top 10 downloads or the material with most pointsand should be an area where images come and go dinamycally (JS).
  9. Recent material
    Get inspired and show the last 20 uploaded materials as dynamic content. Flashy without flash is possible 🙂

All feedback is welcomed! Use the comments section in this post or send me an e-mail.

Thanks in advance UbuSpreaders!


~ by huayra on 2009 April 26.

7 Responses to “Please help us with ideas for SpreadUbuntu”

  1. 1. High-def icons. The stuff from Tango is really lo-res. I know it’s a mockup, but still.

    2. What about a directory of LUGs?

    3. Or release parties?

    4. A mentoring program

    I like the mockup!

    Perhaps the banner could be made in one of the free Flash alternatives (I’ve never used them, but I hear they’re fine for basic stuff, and a banner with switching images is basic)

  2. Thanks Chris for your comment.

    1. Better icons (high-def) is definitely something we need, but we try to stay as close to other ubuntu sites as possible.

    2. There’s some work being done by the Community regarding a better way of showing all LoCo teams. Once they have something working we’ll se into that.
    Regarding LUGs it could be a good idea to have it as part of the site part.

    3. Release parties would definitely be part of the event calender. We have of course already a wiki page ( for that, but still we could make them more visible in our site or focus on them in a campaign

    4. Mentoring program for Marketing or what? I would really like to explore such ideas. Could you please elaborate on that.



  3. It’s waaaaay too busy.

    Why are there three blocks for materials? (“Media”, “Recent Materials”, and “Popular Materials”) What is a materials, anyway?
    Why is there a login box? Do you expect most of your visitors to be logging in? If not, pull it off the main page. It’s distracting.
    The first two sentences of the main text don’t seem to be related.
    The fixed width content area wastes space on wide monitors.
    The boxes are inconsistent. The ones on the right are square, without alpha, whereas the ones on the left have rounded corners and alpha.

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  5. A colleague (Red Adair 😉 gave me this feedback:

    The recomendation is basically smaller icons in 9 and a small arrow to the right of the square as well as zooming of the images upon MouseOver.

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