What to do while you are waiting for the release… Unless, of course, you are in Oslo

If you are about to go crazy because you can’t wait anymore see the following list of activities:

  • Order the pizza for your release party (You did organize one, didn’t you? or you are at least planning to go to one, right?)
  • Burn down the CDs from the last available daily image in the mirror that is closest to your location. In that way you won’t overload the server and you will have Live CDs in time for the party! Just make sure you test the images before burning 20 copies…
  • Make an email and have it ready to be sent to all newspapers you can get an email address to. Send it at the exact moment the announcement of the release comes in #ubuntu-release-party @ FreeNode
  • Send an sms to friends reminding them of the party and/or the release
  • Send emails to all your customers and friends to invite them to the party or to download Ubuntu
  • Make a post, like me, reminding the world that you exist, that you love Ubuntu and that getting a 10th release is the bomb!
  • (update) Download and adapt marketing material to your location/language from the SpreadUbuntu project.

And if you happen to be in Oslo, well just come to our party today at 17.00. Nydalsveien 30B, 0484 Oslo. More details here!

I wish you a wonderful release day to you all! Let’s party!! 🙂


~ by huayra on 2009 April 23.

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