mono, you -do?

Well, I thought some blogging would be good to end the day. So here we go…

I have seen the other side of the moon (not its light though): After disliking the idea of the mono-project in general for a couple of years (before that I just didn’t care…) I decided to do a little experiment:

  1. Erase all mono apps in one machine
  2. Use all mono apps you can find in another machine
  3. See how it goes

After three weeks my, totally subjective, results are:

  • I just miss f-spot too much
  • Tomboy is, in my opinion, just overrated as a cool app (never actually got the whole “notes” thing)
  • Banshee is a cool free software project, but so is Rhythmbox (sorry, but I did never fall in love with Amarok and Exaile has not evolved as much as I would have liked). I like the same app everywhere, even in Maemo, so no go for Banshee here
  • Tracker is OK, and Beagle takes too much memory for my liking and it is really not that much better than Tracker anyway
  • Giver is a simple and really cool app! Although the zeroconf stuff can be handled with pidgin/empathy with a Bonjour/Salut account
  • My mom’s G3 iBook got Intrepid a few days ago and that opened a door for me. As a lover of old/odd hardware (not everybody agrees) and a stubborn GNU/Linux-is-a-desktop-OS-since-98 user I have to say that PPC has got better support over the years and I am really amazed at how well the community mantains the powepc port of Ubuntu. Thank you all very much for that! Flash (thanks to Gnash!) and Java (OpenJDK didn’t cut it, but IBM did) is a big enough mess to add a third factor to the mix. And, anyway, Silverlight is just not my thing… If a site requires that do this: go find that info, stream or whatever it is that site has somewhere else on the web!
  • I really wish iFolder/Simias resurrected as a project. We don’t need DropBox or anything like that: iFolder is free software and solves the document sharing problem in all platforms that matter! IF we could only get that ball rolling…
  • And, my eye-opener:  I can’t believe humanity has survived this far without gnome-do‘s docky. It really IS the future today! No kidding! Now if we could only make a  build for powerpc so my mom can get her dock back… 😉


Don’t hate mono before you realize its potential: Miguel has some crazy ideas. Some are good and some are not. Mono is one of those ideas that is neither good or bad by itself. We shouldn’t miss to explore the opportunities this project might have to offer to the free software world based on preconceptions (the news, X deal, X sponsor, X individual, X standard, Xcetera…)

So here we go:





mono, mono, mono.

Go-mono, go!


~ by huayra on 2009 February 17.

16 Responses to “mono, you -do?”

  1. Jaunty PPC already has Docky:

    And Moonlight too, if (when?) it clears NEW.

  2. What about Intrepid? Will it become available there?

    I considered installing Jaunty on that machine, but getting gnash and specially Java can be such a pain in unstable releases…

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Not in any official channels, due to unsatisfied dependencies. And not in any unofficial ones either, since PPAs do not support PowerPC. Perhaps someone with their own pbuilder could give it a shot.


  4. i don’t use mono applications on my Ubuntu system
    Besides, i find KeepNote to be far superior to Tomboy and jBrout to be far superior to f-spot

    see (in french)

  5. I’m ok with mono, except when it powers Windows-only apps. Then it’s a turn off.

  6. You really should try picasa 3 for linux. It is about 70 bazillion times better than f-spot.

  7. If there is a free software alternative I always use that instead. After over a decade of software freedom I’m not going to give it up now…

    No matter how great an app is, I just need a simple app that does the job:

    Picasa is OK, but I am really getting a little sceptic of this google all over the place thing; and they could opensource most of it anyway if they wanted to. Just keep the Google pictures integration plugin closed… I do not use it anyway.

  8. Is there a simple way to determine which apps require mono? I prefer free software alternatives also but would just be interested in seeing what mono apps came with my installation.

  9. Apps which are INSTALLED? Try “aptitude purge mono-jit” and see if you recognise anything on the list. Apps in GENERAL? “apt-cache rdepends libmono-system2.0-cil” and “apt-cache rdepends libmono-system1.0-cil”

    On a vanilla Ubuntu install, F-Spot and Tomboy are the only Mono apps. Perhaps with the space savings in Jaunty and Jaunty+1, there will be room for popular things like Gnome-Do too

  10. Mono itself is very interesting and very valuable. If offered the choice between C# and Java, I would always choose C#.

    However, mono (and .net) tends to brand languages that run on it, for example F# and IronPython. IronPython doesn’t even provide the threading module, you have to use System threads.

  11. As for a good music player that works well with gnome: I love Quod Libet. It’s all Python, and hence highly extensible, esp. since the plugin infrastructure is very well thought out, and it blows rhythmbox and banshee out of the water for options to search and filter your library and for id3 tag editing.

  12. My stand on Mono is; use the applications available but not use it for my own projects.

  13. […] iFolder and Drop-that-Box now! MOTUs step up to the task, please… As a follow in up my last entry on mono related tech I wanted to thank Rui Boon for beeing a true iFolder […]

  14. […] a follow in up my last entry on mono related tech I wanted to thank Rui Boon for beeing a true iFolder […]

  15. […] like the idea of having iFolder or part of it at least in Ubuntu as I have expressed in previous entries since I dream of dropping that box in my own server or servers, since simias, […]

  16. […] like the idea of having iFolder or part of it at least in Ubuntu as I have expressed in previous entries since I dream of dropping that box in my own server or servers, since simias, […]

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