January… what a start!

So after the holidays January was looking good and I was feeling just fine:

  • Started training
  • Work was good (as always)
  • Haven’t smoked (didn’t go into quiting, I just haven’t touched cigarretes this year)

But suddenly I was feeling terrible:

  • Wasn’t focused friday last week
  • Slept almost the whole of last weekend
  • Felt terrible on Monday

So what happened? The answer: Chickenpox

Besides being the worst I have experienced as far as I can remember and putting me in bed for over a week, it gave me time to think. So for all of that thinking here are things I want to do this year:

  • See more of my family and friends
  • Climbing Cotopaxi (which means I’m going to Ecuador this year :))
  • Writing more (I love writing, I just haven’t done it so much since 2003 when all my writings (and passport !!??) got stolen in Piura)
  • Make a serious effort to analize cooperativism as a philosophical method and an empirical process. In other words: Is it compete or cooperate we can do best. I believe it’s the latter.
  • Not getting sick.

Last, but not least a little SpreadUbuntu update:

  • Implementing OpenID together with Launchpad (we must move to Drupal6 for this to work, it seems)
  • A marketing campaign for Ubuntu is in the works. I will be announcing more here: Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and a have a nice day 🙂


~ by huayra on 2009 January 17.

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