2008 <> 2009

Best wishes to you all!

I just wanted to make a little list of deeds for 2009 so I can keep focus in what I want to work on:

  • Make spread.ubuntu.com and http://www.spreadubuntu.com a reality
  • Work so the Norwegian LoCo team becomes more visible in Norway
  • Help with the Ecuador LoCo team, but step down from the contact member chair
  • Work with effective marketing campaigns within the Ubuntu community
  • Make the FLISOL (the world greatest installfest) a global event by 2010 (or at least propose the idea beyong the Iberoamerican world)
  • Give some real contribution to the FLOSS ecosystem through social and political work, making impact beyond the technical side
  • Free software as a means to bridge the digital gap in untraditional ways

There is more, but I don’t want to bore you (and the more I have in the list, the less focus I can have in every single point)

Again, have a nice round around the sun! 😉


~ by huayra on 2009 January 1.

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