Piksel08 – misspell? NO, It’s a FLOSS+OpenHardware+Art Festival!

Update: Egil has posted about it. Check it out!

As of lately I have been working with planning FreeCode’s participation on Piksel this year.

What is it you say? It’s a Festival combining FLOSS, Hardware and Art. Sounds cool? It is! Check the schedule (PDF here) and see for yourself!

The recently slashdotet Peter hold today a talk: Free Software From a Writer’s Perspective, while I’m at it I have to point out that he ain’t that grumpy (but, don’t tell him I told you ;)).

Another colleague, Egil, will be holding a talk/workshops session on Saturday: software + craft + art = fonts

So, for the last one, you need paper, pencils, eraser and software tools to make your own font. How do you fix that? Do what I did: FreeCodize an Ubuntu Intrepid installation on USB (that feature is just AWESOME! Love UCK, but I’m happy I don’t have to use it anymore)  and add lots of goodies: fontforge, autotrace, inkscape, gimp, fontanatomy (thanks Qt for that candy!), openoffice. Add all the material you need (presentations, information, links) in the system and make a dd image of the disk and replicate it many times. This was done so workshop assistants can have a working system with the needed tools and then take the USB disk with them home and continue using it there with their new hand-made own-tailored font! 🙂

FreeCode went in as partner by sending Peter and Egil and while we were at writing and fonts excitement we choose to sponsor the festivals Caligrafter: Ricard Marxer from Spain. So everybody can enjoy his work and have a complete crafty and fonty experience @ Piksel08!

If you are in Bergen (Norway) this weekend go attend the sessions instead of looking at your computer screen all weekend! There will an exhibition running from next friday all the way to the end of January.

So, see you all there next year!


~ by huayra on 2008 December 9.

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