Announcement: SpreadUbuntu 0.1 – codename “evan”

So, we have been really busy lately pulling off this great release! After over two weeks of site tunning, bug fixing and lots of news coverage (which, by the way, helped test the site) let me introduce to you:

SpreadUbuntu 0.1 – “evan”

Evan is by far the greatest contributor to our project and the first release goes to him! Cheers mate!

So what do we have here?

The short story: SpreadUbuntu, a project by the Ubuntu Marketing team. This release includes multilingual support and basic features of what in time will become the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) part of the SpreadUbuntu Marketing site. Among our features we have download, upload and share all kind of ubuntu marketing material so we can all go out and SPREAD ubuntu to the masses! Now you have no excuse for not having that flyer in your own language, or the poster you saw *somewhere* on the internet!

If this sounds interesting please read the long story. It can be found here.

Does this sound like something you want to be part of? The easiest way to do it is to use the site yourself AND to tell everyone about it! Besides that you can put your hands to work and become part of SpreadUbuntu, we have already plans for 0.2. Our team and project are in Launchpad, and we also have a space in the UbuntuWiki.

I hear you say it, but where is all this awesomeness?

Don’t hesitate, you are NOT dreaming: it’s right here!

You may kill our bandwidth, but hey, we can always upgrade our slicehost plan for a month or two. As for the server I believe it will be up to the task: It is after all running your favorite server OS 😉

Go UbuSpreaders(tm), go!


~ by huayra on 2008 November 10.

4 Responses to “Announcement: SpreadUbuntu 0.1 – codename “evan””

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  2. Great work. I’ve come up with a few Ubuntu songs and video ad ideas, having somewhere to put them should help motivate me to put them into a more portable form…

  3. Great work and very good idea! 😉

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