An intro…

I have decided to join you all here in the planet, so let’s make a little intro:

I’m a 27 years old Ubuntu addict. I do what I can to contribute with whatever I can to the community. Have been a GNU/Linux user for over 10 years, but started to contribute to free software first when Ubuntu crossed my path in the beginning of 2005.

I’m all excited about things I’m doing lately, so allow me to give you all a quick update:

  • I have started working as a Free Software Sales Consultant at FreeCode in Oslo, Norway. I’m really proud of joining a team of such gifted people. Working with marketing Free Software professionally is just one of my dreams come true.
  • I was approved as an Ubuntu Member by the AsiaOceania Regional Board; thank you! Being the contact member for the Ubuntu Ecuador LoCoTeam and an active member of the Norwegian LoCoTeam, the AsiaOceanian approval made me truly feel part of a global community.
  • The SpreadUbuntu project seems to be making some progress. Join us in this MarketingTeam effort and stay tuned!
  • The Software Freedom Day was celebrated in Oslo for the first time yesterday. We were more than 60 people. More details, pics and videos to follow (most likely tomorrow…).

Thanks for reading! 🙂


~ by huayra on 2008 September 17.

2 Responses to “An intro…”

  1. Hey Rubén,

    Welcome to the Planet! 🙂

  2. Hi and welcome.

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