Update on Precise + Ubuntu Norge

Precise Report

As promised, hereby is my report on Precise Pangoline, due in April 2012 as Ubuntu LTS 12.04.

  • Working multi-screen setup (had problems with the right screen on 11.10)
  • System is stable (11.10 was really unbearable)
  • Fast (It feels a lot faster from cold start to desktop. Improvement also on Suspend/Hybernation)
  • Sometimes things break (skype & spotify mainly) but after a dist-upgrade  (yes, using the terminal for updates as the software center seems REALLY broken) it is all good again!

Ubuntu Norge Update

And, I am stepping down as Contact Member for the Nowegian LoCo team. So please welcome Jo-Erlend Schinstad as the new contact for the team. For me this means two things:

  • Peace of mind :-)
  • Being able to contribute to Ubuntu Norge activities without the implicit overhead of being the main responsible person

Hopefully this will translate in more team activity. I am already planning a great release party for Precise in Oslo.

And cannot leave without my promised screenshot:

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~ by huayra on 2012 January 6.

3 Responses to “Update on Precise + Ubuntu Norge”

  1. Thank you. I’m very happy that you’ll keep up the good work in fixing parties. You’re very much better at it than I would ever be. I’ll do my best to facilitate efficient communication up and down. I just hope there’ll be a lot of interesting things to communicate! :)

    I think this’ll be an exciting year for us.

  2. [...] Chatting with friends and old colleagues I thought I would tell you more about my experience with precise. You can read more on that here and the first update here. [...]

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